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Monday, May 24, 2010

The beast returns, with a vengeance

This is Katy writing; I just wanted to make a quick post about the most recent cluster cycle. It started in earnest on Sunday, May 16. Doc had four really bad ones that day -- one got up to a level 8. I think he may have had a few "low-level" ones in the few days prior. That Saturday was the Dallas 24-Hour Video Race, so he slept only about two hours Friday night, and was go-go-go all day Saturday. Then on Sunday he got hit really hard. Monday I think he had one, on Tuesday he had two (one was during a client photo shoot, bad timing, but it didn't get to the point that he had to excuse himself), Wednesday he had four again, and then I think three on Thursday. I believe that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday he may have had one or two per day. Doc says that his perception is that they have been decreasing somewhat in intensity over the course of the week.


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