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Monday, August 02, 2010

Update On Recent Cycle

After the series of strong classic attacks that happened in late may (4 in one 24 hour period, Yikes!) I had a couple of weeks of moderate to strong attacks that slowly became less frequent. It took many more weeks of a slow tapering off before I could say that the cycle was coming to an end. Still, even as recently as yesterday I found myself complaining of low level "cluster type" pain in my "spot". But then anything less painful than around twice the power of a "normal" headache I tend to ignore.

Also I have been having a lot of problems with daytime drowsiness again... and also the weird thing where my muscles and legs especially ache in a strange way. My doctor has suggested that I may suffer from Fibromyalgia and I am resisting that diagnosis because who the hell wants yet one MORE unexplainable "condition" and take yet MORE mind altering drugs to control it.

I am convinced that there is one damn thing wrong with me that leads to a myriad of related issues. I often grow weary of being the recipient of "shotgun blast medicine". The attitude seems to be that if you toss enough pills at it, some of them have got to work!

What I want is to understand WHY I fell like I have been beaten up with baseball bats, had hot pokers shoved behind my right eye, and feel worse instead of refreshed and recharged if I try to sleep as much as normal people do.

I have a appointment with my neurologist this week and I am not looking forward to telling her that I had a bad cycle. It may mean that I have just been lucky and that the topamax is ineffective to some degree or that she will think that it is no longer working as well as is once seemed to be. Either way I am betting she will want to increase my dosage again or move me to a different drug... ugh.


  • Just wanted to share an article I read on CNN today.

    This is a group that specializes diagnosing undiagnosed diseases.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 9/20/2010 11:51 PM  

  • My sister directed me to your blog- I have been in a cluster headache episode for about a month now, the worst in my 13 years and my family and friends have been doing as much reading and research as possible to help me. My sister stumbled across your blog and found it as a great resource - you put in words well how I feel. As I was about to my breaking point, I found relief in oxygen - which I had been really avoiding in the past. I am feeling some sanity return to my life. Just wanted to say Thanks for taking the time to blog on your expereinces in such a great way - it helps fellow suffers explain what we are going through!

    By Anonymous Tory in Minnesota, at 11/15/2010 9:22 AM  

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