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Sunday, March 12, 2000

March 12, 2000 :: 9 a.m.

Wooke up around 8 or so and felt fine, but cold, so he fell asleep in a hot bath. Woke again around 9 a.m. with a CH that was starting to get pretty bad. Debated on what to do, and decided to try the Imitrex injection.

I gave it to him in the thigh (side note: one of the hardest things I've ever had to do... I hate needles), and it stung pretty bad. The pain continued to ramp up like it does during a killer CH, but 11 minutes after the injection he said "Oh, wait, I just felt my heart jump" and then about 30 seconds after that, the pain vanished completely. It didn't ramp down in levels, it just disappeared into thin air, making those twinkly sounds.

Even in the early CH's he used to get, although they would disappear pretty fast, they used to decrease level by level. This one just stopped cold. Yay for Imitrex!!!

Although it did cost $60 per injection... at least it works. He feels kinda queasy now, although it's hard to say if that's an effect from Imitrex or a lingering Maxalt effect.

Another around 5 p.m. Real bad, it came on very fast, probably the rebound from the Imitrex-aborted earlier CH. Zomig kicked in in about 1/2 hour. We both broke down.

Oh my god, this sucks SO bad.

Doc: I recall the rebound headache I got off schedule to be one of the worst attacks ever. On my scale of 1-10 this is one of the few level 10 attacks I would point to and the fact that it happend in the late afternoon (started ramping up at 4:30 I think) was very disturbing to me. I have never had an attack this bad outside of the late-night 1-4 in the morning window.


  • The attack I got after the imitrex injection that day was WAY off schedule. I could not afford that. One of the things that makes it so I can remotely live a normal life is the fact that I rarely get really bad ones during the hours that most people work.

    If they started shifting around in time I have no idea how I would make a living. Being freelance is helping with that now but I don't know if if will continue to pan out.


    By Blogger Doc, at 10/31/2005 10:32 AM  

  • Looking back at this post I see katy writing " Zomig kicked in in about 1/2 hour." and I am afraid I once again may have to dispute that, what may have seemed to her like a medication "working" was probably me just trying to put on a brave face and stop acting in a way that would upset her. After several years of practice I could act pretty "normal" if I got below a level 5.

    By Blogger Murdock Scott, at 5/02/2008 6:22 PM  

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