Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Friday, September 21, 2007

3:00a.m... I woke with overall headache, but I was to sleepy to remember details. I know I had kept waking up in pain over and overafter that. By around 7:00 a.m. it started getting worse or maybe I was just awake enough to understand the level of pain. During the lulls, I would continue to fall asleep and have nightmares about not being able to do my job of managing a shoe store because of exhaustion and headaches.

Around 7:30 I stopped falling asleep due to the pain being more constant and possibly more intense. It started ramping up quickly on both sides. By around 8 o'clock it had faded on the migraine side by had gotten worse on the cluster side about a 3-4.

Around 9 clock the cluster had "broken" and started quickly disipating leaving only in mild migraine and that I was hopeful it would not last long but unfortunately it started building in intensity again and became really bad about 10:00 it's now 10:40 and it has calmed down some but I think it is going to last a long time... I'm sad.

By around 1:00p.m. I started feeling better, see tired, but only mild pain.

Waves of uncomfortable loans of pain return in the evening and I also started feeling very sleepy again.


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