Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I didn't seem to have a nighttime cluster attack, at least not one that woke me up... I think it may be possible for me to sleep through a 1-2 nowadays.

I woke with a mild headache in the cluster location, annoying, but not too bad. Around 11:15 I noticed a classic cluster attack beginning to ramp up. It's now 11:58 and it is up to around a 4 in the intensity. It feels like it may get worse before it breaks.

I am dictating this using my voice recognition software and it's very difficult. It doesn't seem to be able to understand me. I guess because of all the gasps and moans. I made just post this and correct it later when I feel better.

OK, that got really bad... probably around a 7 maybe even 8 in level. It also lasted a really long time. Especially the bad part. Sometimes the attacks ramp up slow and only peak at hi levels of pain for a relatively short period of time... its more likely that they ramp up quickly and hit a plateau of high pain then break and ramp down in stages. this one stayed at the high plateau level for much longer than usual... its hard to judge but at that level of pain 5-10 minutes can seem like an eternity. Mercifully, it started to break at 12:35 and very quickly dropped several levels in pain. Its now 12:45 and I am experiencing twinges around a 1 in level. Hopefully I will get a bit of a break this afternoon.

Severe daytime attacks always bother me, If I ever needed to take a regular 9-5 again, how would I handle something like that? In my last 2 office style jobs I had a lot more freedom than I would have in most jobs, and back then I was almost never getting really bad ones during the day. I just cant imagine being able to "vanish" from my cube for 2 hours and have it be ok. Hopefully my freelance work will continue to come in.

Annoying pain on the cluster side for the rest of the day. around 8PM it got a little nasty but only ended up getting up to about a 2 for an hour or so. Around 10pm the pain diped below the threshhold.


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