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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Doc's official capsaicin spray word

I have noticed some comments popping up in my blog with opinions about these products. These posts are mostly from anonymous posters or from accounts that only seem to be active for short times. Now, these may be people that have used the products and gotten relief from them and thats great... (a friend of mine uses them on occasional migranes and seems to like them very much) but I suspect it may also be whisper marketing so I thought I would make a definitive post of my thoughts about these products.

My personal experience with both brands is that they are nearly worthless.

Both seem to knock down my pain a notch (cluster and migraine) but only briefly and only a small amount. If used as directed, they have no value to me... I would quickly exceed the maximum dose for only minor relief.

I suspect the hope of the people that produce the products is that you will ignore the directions for use and get "hooked" on the slight easing of the pain, shooting this stuff up your nose over and over like it was candy.

Also these sprays seem to be more effective on my migraines but for bad cluster attacks... they are pretty pointless.

Bottom Line:
Try them and make your own decision. Who knows, they may work a lot better for you. Just please don't use them beyond the dose in the directions... just remember that "natural" does not mean "safe". Who knows what overuse of this stuff does.

Me, I just tossed them in the drawer that is over flowing with "cures" that did little to nothing.


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