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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Medications List Update For 2007

List Of Medications Murdock Has Taken…

The list first part of the list was before I started getting migraines on any regular basis so all these medications were evaluated based on how effective they were against the short intense cluster attacks I was accustomed to at the time.

  • Aleve (naproxen sodium): doesn't do anything for cluster pain.
  • Isolyll: "makes me stupid but will kill pain" (1996)
  • Amitriptylene (1996) Seemed to have some affect (no further notes)
  • Maxalt: bad side effects. (2000)
  • Zomig: seemed to sorta work a bit (2000)
  • Imitrex: (injection) resulted in horrific off schedule rebound (2000)
  • Prednisone: steroids. Makes me twitchy, insomniac. Unsure of effectiveness (2003)
  • Relpax: I got samples, but I don’t think I got a chance to use them (2003)
  • Vioxx: banned by the FDA (2004)
  • Axert: prescribed in 2003 but not used; trying right now (2005)
  • Frova: major side effects, dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, etc, but maybe helped (2004)
  • Atenolol: may take 2-3 weeks to work. Can't tell if it did anything (2004)
  • O2 on 2 different occasions. Some effect, but it never seemed to end the attack or offer more than minor relief. (2005)

Between late 2005 through mid 2007 I just sorta “toughed it out” I think, I wasn’t having too many rounds of bad clusters and when I did get a cycle it was short lived so I was trying to not take medication if it was not necessary. In 2006- early 2007 I started getting more long periods of constant dull cluster pain that was around the level of a really bad “normal” headache and I felt I could just deal with those but in July of 2007 I got started on the freaky 3 week migraine that lead me to seek help again.

  • Depakote 250-1000mg: seemed to “change” the headaches a bit more they started coming and going more quickly and randomly and switching sides and type sometimes quite suddenly, Depakote is defiantly having some effect but overall I am not sure if it is making me have less pain overall, I am starting to have less severe headaches but I wonder if that’s due to the medication or just natural improvement. ( August 2007)
  • Depakote 1500mg: Shortly after the increase to 1500mg of Depakote I have had a return to the “classic” cluster cycle with powerful attacks happening 1 or 2 times per day in addition to the lingering waves of migraine pain. This cycle lasted for many weeks and is just now starting to wind down. (September 26th – November 8th 2007)


  • I hope they find something that will work for you

    By Blogger deborah, at 11/09/2007 8:34 AM  

  • Have you tried Verapamil? It's become sort of the standard treatment and is the only preventative therapy that has worked for me. Does not eradicate them but frequency and duration are lesser and intensity is significantly less. Good luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/13/2008 3:04 AM  

  • I want to say that I have tried Verapamil... But I can't find any notes on it.

    As far as a treatment that lessens frequency, duration and intensity... I'm not sure how to gauge that honestly. I have some cycles that are worse than others, even when I am taking nothing. So I believe this natural tide to cluster cycles can make preventatives seem to be doing more than they actually are.

    I am almost certain I have taken Verapamil at some point in the past. I am working on Topamax at the moment but I will keep Verapamil in mind and ask my neurologist about it if the Topamax is ineffective.

    Pft, like anything is "effective" ; )

    By Blogger Murdock Scott, at 5/03/2008 1:21 AM  

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