Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Monday, November 05, 2007

The last few days have been much better.

I have had some headache pain occasionally pretty much every day but these have been mostly mild. Level 1-3 pain has become much more rare and its short lived when it does happen. Tonight I had a short burst of 2-3 pain in the cluster area actually it felt really strange. I had to sit down I rattled my head and it sorta felt like something was "loose" in there. Kinda like a migraine concentrated in the spot a cluster would normally be.

I think I should also mention that I think I am having mild headaches while I sleep. Most mornings, when I wake I still have some pain that lingers for a while and I have been having bad dreams that I think are a reaction to the annoyance of the pain. 

Other than that I have the common feeling of being unable to focus and feeling "stupid" that lasts for some time after a cluster cycle. Plus I have been getting the "cluster without the pain" sensation.


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