Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day of frustration and disipointment

Woke with no headache

Accidentally took 1500 mil of depakote at 7:45 only a few hours after my last dose before bed at 2:45... called the dr. and was told I would feel sedated and to stay at home and have someone check on me.

Decent and productive morning, got a lot of stuff done.

Very spacy/out of it so far all day.

annoying pain in long and low waves on the cluster side mid afternoon.

2:30pm starting to really feel tired and drowsy... also very out of it. mild/annoying pain continues... possibly more constant now.

6pm Katy came home and found me languishing around in one of my "not really able to get up" episodes. I had been crashing repeatedly since around 3pm falling asleep over and over... I guess since I had the extra depakote in my system I was more prone to a fit of extreme sleepiness. The most disappointing aspect of all this is that since sleep seems to be a trigger for my headaches I now have the worst headache I have had in several days... just when I thought I may have been getting to the point where they were tapering off.

Twinges of cluster like pain @ level 1 and steady migraine like pain around 2 with waves/throbs into the 3 range I think this has been going on for a while while I was asleep.

9pm migraine weaker over all level 1 waves on both sides sometimes dipping dow to "annoying" for the rest of the evening.


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