Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The last several days have been somewhat uneventful at least in terms of severe pain.

Thursday and Friday were mostly short waves of level 1-ish pain off and on throughout the day sometimes spiking into the 2-ish level. Also I had a pretty constant "Sub 1" level of annoying pain. If I recall I woke with headaches those days but they were mild 1-ish and didn't last more than an hour.

Saturday I started feeling really spacy and "out of it". I sometimes get long periods of "feeling stupid" when I am coming off a long cluster cycle. but this was even more confusion and lack of focus than I am used to. Also I had some short waves of level 2 pain but largely felt better... some short waves of what felt like a migraine on the left side also. but it never got too bad. Mostly I was just spacy, unable to focus and had annoying waves of confusion, mild pain and the classic "cluster that doesn't hurt" feeling"

Sunday I crashed big time... I was tired and moving like a turtle on downers... Very "Swimmy/spacy/out of it" Less pain but very sleepy... more of the "stupid/cluster that doesn't hurt" feeling.

Monday was mostly pain free very short little waves of cluster pain/discomfort as well as some waves in the migraine side... Much more spacy/out of it.

I am getting very bored with keeping up with this day-to-day reporting... I may have to just start doing the highlights again.


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