Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

They are NOT done with me yet

I was driven awake this morning around 6:00am by a particularly nasty cluster attack. I was really tired so it reached a higher than normal level before I woke (2-3). While I was still asleep I was having vivid and disturbing nightmares. When I finally got out of bed I was very exhausted so It was like I was being puppeted by the headache... almost like I was sleep walking er, sleep head-aching?

it ramped up quickly and got up to like a 6 with sharp waves of pain in the 7-8 range I think there was a migraine "overlay" that I felt on both sides of my head and was pretty bad. So it was another one of my patented "2 for the price of 1" headache episodes. I got into the bath and that always hurts some as the blood pressure changes I guess, but this time it was excruciating... I thing mainly due to the migraine component reacting very strongly to the change combined with the cluster spike I am more familiar with.

It lasted for over an hour but I cant be sure because I kept fall asleep any time the pain lulled enough. Eventually I crashed while still in the bathtub and after I woke it had only gone down to a solid 2 in level and there it has remained all morning... I have work to do and I am ay a huge disadvantage at the moment for focusing on such detailed tasks. Hopefully it will die down a bit soon.


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