Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well I was going to put this down as a good day...

I woke around 8am with a pretty bad cluster attack about a 3 or so but it never got much worse and I rode it out and for the feat of the day I felt pretty good. Some nagging pain off and on and a few low lever waves on the cluster side.

But then around 11pm a bad cluster started ramping up It was a solid 7 for a long time so it was pretty bad... I did the pacing moaning thing for about an hour. what sucks is that after it broke, It never went away completely... its now 2:25 and its hovering around a 2 with waves of 3ish pain. I have no reason to believe it will stop... I have "passed out" a few times because I am so tired from lack of sleep but I keep getting woken up by the waves and spikes. I think I am just going to have to lie in bed and hope it dies down enough to sleep through.

Very sucky.


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