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Friday, September 28, 2007

Nice Birthday so far...

The pain is out of control today...

I started waking up around 5 am for short periods as the waves of pain reached a level I couldn't sleep through (1-2) I would then pass out and go back to the nightmares I was having. During one of these short periods of being awake I made note that the pain seemed to be switching sides although I don't know if I was cognitive enough to judge if it was a "wrong side cluster" or migraine-like in nature.

When I got up I had a throbbing pain in the cluster area that was well into the 1-2 level. I tried to relax and ride it out but around 9:15 it started to ramp up and became a full on attack that had rapid waves of 6-7 and a baseline of about a 5. This is a bit unusual, most of my clusters don't seem to "throb" as bad as this one did.

So here is the real sucky part... when it "broke" it never fully went away, it only dropped to around a 2 with waves approaching 3 for like the last 2 hours.

I am hoping for some relief soon...

The level 1-2 cluster pain has been pretty much constant since the last time I posted. Now on top of that I feel like I have a pretty intense "migraine" layered with it, it I feel it mostly on the cluster side but its more spread out and often throbs on the other side as well. Light sensitivity, feeling queasy, wanting to lie down and rest...all the things associated with migraines... along with the pin point cluster pain that makes you want to move and such.

its very tiring.

The pain continued the rest of the evening. eventually the cluster "layer" faded mostly leaving the migraine "layer" (still on the wrong side). The migraine became a bit worse and I also started getting sharp stabbing pains in the back of my head that would make me wince and flinch. I still feel pretty crappy. But I guess I am going to try yo go to bed anyway.

This has been a simply horrible day for the most part. Thank god for my wife, she gave me presents, got me a tasty diner, rubbed my head and generally made me have a little joy amidst the pain.


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