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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dazed, Confused, and Very Behind On Posts...

I am really out of it the last few days. I am way behind on posting about my med switch. Feeling like my sense of time is way out of whack.

Last night I stepped down to 500mg Depakote and stepped up to 75mg Topamax daily. I Really don't know any more if I was more "confused" on the Depakote than I am now... at the 2000mg I recall being really freaked and just disoriented but I don't really recall feeling that unhappy about it. This last few days is just pissing me off.

It could be the effect of the "crossfade" between the two drugs. Seems like a weird way to do it if you ask me, Having two different mind effecting drugs in your system at the same time... but I am trying to be a good patient and do what the doctor tells me.

So For the last few days I have had a steady annoying low level headache that is on the side I get migraines and has the characteristics of a migraine. Therefore if it walks like a duck....

I think I still have fading weak waves of my "long and low" pain in the cluster area but no recent intense cluster attacks so I would say that the cycle is "done-ish" for the moment. This "long and low" pain in between intense attack cycles has made me wonder recently if I am in the first stages of becoming chronic.

Also about a week back I had scalp sensitivity n the back left of my head. I also had the same "raw nerve" feeling at my left eye and my left ear... for around 3 days I would get very sharp shooting pains that would make me cry out if I was not carefully paying attention. Now that I think of it, the migraine I have now is most likely the same pain... just "spread out". Meaning I have had this headache for a week. No wonder I am grumpy emotional and behind on posting to my blog. : P

Sure its not a cluster every night at 3am... but dammit, what the hell should I get clusters AND migraines... that is really not cool.
As I tell my wife sometimes, "If there if such a thing as Karma, I must have done something REALLY evil in my last like to deserve this."


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