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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning I was going to wake up and get the house ready for my 2year old son. Start Christmas music, build a fire, make "Ho, Ho, Ho" sounds as he was waking up... that sort of thing. But at 6:50 my eyes fluttered open, I tried to move and pain shot through my skull. I started assessing the pain to see what I was dealing with...

It was on the right side mostly, but also spread all around the back of my head. It was a margarine and it was a bad one. Now I have had these a LOT in the last couple of years but it was Christmas and I was hoping to escape on this of all days. While not nearly as painful as a decent cluster, I knew that these "morning migraines" had the potential to last all day and in some ways be even more debilitating then a cluster.

Then I felt a tiny hint of it... there was a modest cluster brewing under the pain of the migraine.

My wife woke to me softly sobbing.

I am thinking of all you out there that have to put on a brave face during holidays. If you are like me and spend Christmas trying to "keep it together" while feeling like crap, I just wanted to say that as lonely as it feels, you are not alone... Merry Christmas, and keep up the good work.


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