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Friday, January 04, 2008

Recent history

I woke with a very bad pounding headache on the left side this morning. It had the features of a typical migraine (level 2-3) and started slowly ramping down after being awake for an hour or 2. I know I had been sleeping through it for a while because I remember almost waking up several times. I would say that at its most painful it may have ben a 3 or so in level.

I know I haven't been posting much in the last few weeks. Over all I am feeling much better. Around mid december the morning headaches and lingering clusters started to become only a minor annoyance. I was hopeful that I was finally leaving the cycle I seem to have been stuck in for a long time.

The last part of december I was having periods of headache free existence maybe even a few days in a row where I would only get twinges and the occasional quick spike. Those where interesting really I would just be doing everyday normal stuff when a harsh cluster like pain would spike and only last for maybe 20 sec total. Many times I would be talking with Katy and just sorta cry out a little "ahhh!" and then start the conversation where I left off. I'm glad she is so understanding of these things.

Well, That brings us to the new year and I unfortunately have been feeling lingering clusters growing in intensity more of the spikes and a return of the morning headaches. My hope is that this is just a short "dying gasp" of the cycle that has been clearly winding down and not the start of a fresh one.

Also I should mention I have had the odd aching/weak leg thing going on for several days now. I think if it weren't for my wakefulness medication I would be having problems staying awake during the day as that seems to accompany the leg thing.


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