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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Recent Headache activity

Mon. Sharp Twinges of cluster-like pain in the afternoon and evening dull throbs of migraine like pain off and on throughout the day.
Tues. Woke with somewhat intence migraine pain. Faded by mid morning. Same cluster like twinges throughout the day.
Wen. Woke with bad migraine pain that lasted most of the day. A few very sharp and painful Cluster-like twinges in the evening.
Thursday. woke with a dull migraine pain on the left side by mid morning pain had seemed to consolidate behind the left eye into a throbbing "mock cluster". Its vaguely in the right spot but doesn't really feel the same and "moves" or undulates differently. Its like Mr. "M" is entertaining Mr."C" by putting on his clothes and doing an impersonation of him.


So, the lower dose of Topamax I would say defiantly is not going to be enough to keep them quiet.

Hands feel better after stretching exersizes... still feel like passing out when I do them... weird.
Coughing is reduced but I an on medication for that until we know whats going on I guess.

I don't know, I am sick of all this to the point that I can't even describe.


  • I have been having cluster headaches for about 7 years. Just started taking a product called Cool Cayenne by Solaray. I take two when I first start feeling the pain and it goes away. Apparently it causes dialation of the vessels; it is a very cheap product.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/29/2008 5:39 PM  

  • Thanks for the tip. Sorry to hear about your pain. God knows I understand how much it sucks.

    I don't find much relief from capsaicin based spray products. I have tried several and found that they make a very minor and short lived "dip" in the pain that makes them not worth the trouble for me. I am used to my pain and would rather concentrate on working through it then spraying gunk up my nose like a madman for such minor relief.

    So I dunno, I am doubtful this product would do anything to abort the pain for me, everyone is different) Besides... anything taken orally should take to long to work to make much difference in a "classic" cluster attack that lasts for .75-1.5 hours. Which is why I have never much liked any oral abortive.

    Having said that, I guess I could give one more "pepper company" a bit of money and see what happens. I did some searching and I haven't found much in the way of information... I don't even think that they claim it works for this purpose. (At least officially)

    Is there any research or even casual study on this? How did you discover this use of the med? How many attacks do you estimate you have aborted?

    I hope the capsaicin pills keep working for you! A few people get lucky with a simple solution it seems. I really hope thats the case for you.

    For me that has never been the case.

    By Blogger Murdock Scott, at 11/29/2008 7:09 PM  

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