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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Off The Depakote

So tonight was the first night that I am taking the full dose of Topamax and no Depakote. We will see how that goes. The last few days have been better as far as headaches go, but like clockwork the fatigue has set in. Today I had the "Strange Fatigue in the legs" feeling I have described in my posts before and all through the day I was just "conking out" even though I have medication to prevent daytime sleeping due to my sleeping disorder... well, I guarantee you that someday they will discover that my headaches, odd sleeping behaviors, Learning disorders, and tendency to get headaches of every kind at the drop of a hat are all part of the SAME neurological disorder.

Mark my words.

Ack Just fell asleep... sitting up on the floor hunched over my keyboard at the coffee table. No real warning I was just writing this then I was dreaming about getting kicked out of a 7-11. I bolted awake because I think I wasn't breathing well and here I am wide awake again.

Someone really needs to do a study me, I wouldn't mind making my living as a freak of science... Oh did I mention that my triglycerides are like 12 times what is considered high but all my other cholesterol and such is normal? and I am not some huge mountain of a person... just a bit typically overweight. Its just some odd genetic mishap.

I think I don't conform to my doctors word view of what a living human being should be. lol


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