Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mr M. Continues to dance On My Left Side

I woke up this morning and the migraine that started last night was still there. It continued on all day making it hard to focus on work. Around 6pm it started getting worse and eventually I fell asleep in the bathtub for a bit... Of course thats a big mistake and it really started to knock me around after that. I would say the level got to around 3-4 at least.

I had a intimate relations with my wife and although I am used to the explosion of cluster pain that follows "completion", the migraine experience is less familiar and therefor I was less perpaired... It really hurt.

I told her it was like I was awake for surgery and someone was tugging on my brain.

falling asleep... better hit post. Sorry if there are typos.


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