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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Topamax day 4: Cluster Pain Pushes Back Up

I don't know what to make of this but I have had sort of a "relapse" yesterday.

A bit of background...
Over the last few years my cluster cycles have taken forever to "wind down" and during those long slow curves I get what I call my long and low attacks. This can be described as pain in the cluster area that feels like a typical mild attack but lasts for hours instead of the usual 45-90min. These long attacks are never over around a 2-3 on my scale an are most likely to be about a 1. They are never severe and usually come in the afternoon as opposed to my severe attacks which come around 2-3 am. I try to describe it to people like a a spring... the harsh attacks are when the spring is compressed the long and low attacks are when the spring is relaxing and when the spring is filly relaxed... it is a straight line and I am out of my cycle. I sometimes think that I report these or notice them more due to my reluctance to take pain medication. Maybe other people are getting them but are wisely taking meds that let them not have to deal with moderate pain.

So, I had a bad cycle right in the middle of trying the Depakote but the bad part of it didn't last very long and I started the long wind down that I have grown accustomed to. While taking Depakote I didn't perceive these long and low clusters as much. I sorta felt like they were more wavy and spiked, and in recent days I was feeling like the cycle may be over.

Yesterday I got hit with a good old level 2 behind the right eye, long and low classic 2pm start time lasted most of the evening.

Today I can feel it again... So either I never fully left my last cycle and these are just the dying pangs of it that Topamax fails to suppress as well as Depakote did, Or I an starting a new cycle already.


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