Doc's Cluster Headache Journal

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Still have the migraine

I know it sounds weird to say but I almost miss the familiar pain of my clusters which are at the moment, mostly absent. They can turn me into a screaming dysfunctional wreck but at least they usually stop for a few hours between attacks leaving me feeling mostly normal...

Its funny just how different the 2 kinds of headache feel from each other. Like 2 cousins that live on opposite sides of my head. One has a hammer and the other has a monkey wrench and they take turns beating me up like some twisted nintendo game... "Hey Mario! this aside she is tenderized its your turn!" "OK Luigi! I'll start over here now!"

A weeks worth of pain crammed into an hour and a half cluster attack every day or a headache that lasts for days and days on end? Lucky me I don't have to choose, I get to experience both....


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